Then and Now

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May 2019

It's 1922 and the fledgling Southern Branch of the University of California, located on Vermont Ave., is poised to become a four-year, degree-granting institution. It will soon outgrow its original location and look westward for a new home.

December 2018

It's 1947. Powell Library is still clearly visible from everywhere on Bruin Walk. Student fees for a full year are less than $100. And a former Bruin is about to make history.

July 2018

It's late 1929. The first four buildings have been completed and classes have started. Moore Hall is under construction. And the stock market is about to crash.

May 2018

It's 1938 and the Westwood campus is nearly a decade old. Tuition for a semester costs less than a tank of gas does now. The Village has new sports facility. And World War II is on the horizon.

December 2017

It's 1932. In January, it snows. In February, Albert Einstein visits. And in the summer, Los Angeles hosts its first Olympic Games.