Then and Now:
1922 and 2019

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UCLA’s original campus on Vermont Ave. was nestled between present-day Los Feliz (to the north), Silver Lake (east), Koreatown (south) and Hollywood (west).

The image on the right shows the home of the S.B.U.C. (Southern Branch of the University of California) Cubs as it appeared in 1922. (We became the UCLA Bruins in 1926.) On the left is the location today, now home to Los Angeles City College, whose nickname is...the Cubs.

Vermont Ave. runs from the bottom center to middle right in the photos, intersecting (just out of frame on the right side) with Santa Monica Blvd. There was limited room for expansion even in 1922, but the campus has expanded to the south, across Monroe street, with a new athletic field, tennis courts and student union featuring the LACC Cub Store. The location of the original track is now occupied by the Martin Luther King Jr. Library at LACC and the LACC Lab School.

In the heart of campus, the anchor of the main quad was Millspaugh Hall (a.k.a., the Administration Building). Near that location, at the western edge of the campus, now stands the LACC Community Services Extension.