Then and Now:
1936 and 2019

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Westwood Village with the southern edge of UCLA at the top of the photos, 1936 and today.

The Janss Dome at the center of the photographs was one the first buildings to be constructed in the carefully planned Westwood Village. When completed in 1930 it housed the headquarters of the Janss Investment Company; it was subsequently home to Bank of America and other businesses.

Across Broxton from the Janss Dome was the University Professional Building with Crawford's Drug store, one of the original buildings in the Village.

At center, near the top - at the corner of Westwood Boulevard and Weyburn Avenue - is the Holmby Building with its clock tower, another of Westwood Village's early buildings.

The Ralphs grocery store at the corner of Westwood and Lindbrook, its familiar rotunda partially visible at the extreme right side of the photos, opened in 1929, coinciding with the start of classes at UCLA's new campus. Since Ralphs vacated the building in the mid-1960s, it has housed a number of different businesses. In 1988, the Ralphs Building was declared Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 360. In 1992 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Fox Theatre, with its distinctive tower (top left), was built in 1931.

The southern portion of the UCLA campus would, decades later, be dominated by the medical enterprise. In 1936, the area between Westwood Boulevard and Gayley Avenue consisted of orchards and buildings used by the College of Agriculture.

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