Connect Top 10 of 2019

10Video: Michelle Obama Inspires Students at Pauley Pavilion

May Edition


Michelle Obama at UCLA


On May 1, former First Lady Michelle Obama and several stars spoke at UCLA to encourage 10,000 future college students at College Signing Day, hosted by UC and Reach Higher.


9The History of Building Names

March Edition


History of Building Names


You know their names, you've passed them hundreds of times, but do you know about the people behind the buildings' namesake? Peruse this glossary of campus landmarks and learn the meaning behind their names.



8Do You Know Where This is on Campus?

November Edition


Where on Campus


How well do you think you know the UCLA campus? Take this multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge and memory of familiar sites throughout campus.



7Westwood Community Expresses Support for Sepi’s After Announcement of Closure

May Edition




Sepi's, a sports bar on Le Conte Avenue, announced it would close at the end of April after 50 years in Westwood.



6UCLA Honors Remarkable Alumni

July Edition


UCLA Awards


On June 8, the UCLA Awards Ceremony, held at the UCLA Renee and Meyer Luskin Conference Center, celebrated six outstanding individuals and one alumni network for their achievements and contributions to our community. Hear their inspiring stories in their own words.



5The Story Behind Katelyn Ohashi's Viral Gymnastics Routine

February Edition


Katelyn Ohashi


Performing to a mashup of Earth, Wind and Fire, Janet and Michael Jackson, and Tina Turner, Ohashi pulled off an infectious, dance-and-flip-filled routine that had everyone cheering wildly. Not to mention over 75 million views on YouTube.



4What’s Bruin in Hollywood

September Edition


What's Bruin in Hollywood


Many Bruin celebrities have made the trek through Bruin Walk all the way to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Some are well-known alumni, but you may be surprised to learn you share an alma mater with some as well. Check out what these famous Bruin faces have going on right now.



3Filmed at UCLA Volume 2

March Edition


Filmed at UCLA Vol. 2


Ever watch a movie scene and think, "Was that UCLA?" Chances are it was, since Hollywood has used UCLA's iconic campus for films and television shows for decades. Watch the sequel to the 2017 hit video "Filmed at UCLA."



2Notable Daily Bruin Alumni

February Edition


Daily Bruin Alumni


Since 1919, the Daily Bruin has served as a training ground for generations of student journalists and launched the careers of many successful alumni. How many of these Daily Bruin alumni do you recognize?



1More UCLA Slang

January Edition


UCLA Slang


Bruintized, 8-Clap, Bear Wear - if you didn't think twice about what these words meant, you undoubtedly went to UCLA. You probably incorporated these Bruin acronyms and nicknames into your vernacular. How many of these UCLA slang terms do you know?