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Change Things Up and Re-energize!

Think back to your first day at UCLA: you probably felt full of excitement and drive to do big things. Now that we’re halfway through the academic year, there's a good chance you've accomplished some of your goals (which is awesome). But being the over-achiever that you are, there’s also a good chance that you are experiencing burnout and are looking for ways to revive your motivation.

We get it! What to do, you ask? Try breaking away from your routine and doing something new. Changing things up can lead to a shift in perception and infuse you with new energy.
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Devna Shukla
Devna Shukla ’09 is an Emmy Award-winning producer and currently an MBA student at NYU Stern. She got her start interning for (then) Senator Barack Obama and with CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.” Devna was an editorial producer for CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” where she traveled to cover key breaking news stories, including the Newtown shooting, the Ebola crisis, and the Boston Marathon bombing. Read more about Devna and her advice for students and alumni in her Excellence in Action interview.

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Jobs Block
These are some of our favorite internships and jobs this week. Find more on UCLA ONE and Handshake.

Activision Logo
Platform Marketing Internship at Slack
San Francisco, Calif.
Paul Hastings Logo
Student Assistant at UCLA ORL
UCLA Campus
Hulu Logo
Advancement Internship at University of Washington
Seattle, Wash. 
Research Project Coordinator at UCLA BRITE Center
UCLA Campus 
WebAssembly / Cranelift Internship at Mozilla
San Francisco, Calif.
Tech / Web Development Internship at RPA
Santa Monica, Calif.

Professional Tip Block
Stepping outside of your comfort zone is essential for developing interests, accomplishing goals and becoming the person you aspire to be. But often, fear keeps us from moving forward in this crucial exercise.

Fear is a valuable emotion but moments of bravery in its presence are sometimes necessary for growth. Here are a few simple tips on getting comfortable with being uncomfortable:
  1. Acknowledge what makes you uncomfortable and get clear about what you want to overcome.
  2. Do small things to challenge yourself every day, like approaching someone new or attending an event you normally wouldn't go to.
  3. Ask for support from your peers. Fear of the unknown is present for most so ask your friends, family and professors for their feedback and tips.
Everything you want is waiting for you outside of your comfort zone. So, what will you do this week to change things up?
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