Now that you’re all sun-kissed and relaxed from Spring Break, it’s an ideal time to show some gratitude and leave an impression. Reach out and thank someone who’s helped you, like a study buddy, an RA who helped you pack, or a faculty member who gave you that extension. Showing gratitude could make you a memorable candidate for future opportunities. 

Genein Letford ’02 is an award winning educator and a national speaker. She is also a board member at Donors Choose, where the founder/CEO says, “I can't think of anyone more impressive than Genein Letford.”  Ms. Letford will be a featured speaker at the Roadmap to Happiness event on April 11 at 7 p.m., RSVP here.

There’s still time to secure a summer internship! Check out our internships below, but don’t panic if an internship doesn’t work out for you. There are still plenty of ways to strengthen your resume outside an internship: volunteer ten or more hours per week at a local nonprofit you admire, talk to your faculty (or faculty at universities in your hometown) to see if they need any support in their lab, apply for a summer on-campus job, or take a summer course. And if you really want to intern somewhere that doesn’t have a posted internship, ask anyway! Email a recruiter or HR manager, attach your resume, explain your skills and how they could benefit their work, and ask if they’re willing to discuss creating an internship position for you. You never know!

Spotlight Opportunities
Bruin Development Academies are a unique way to deep dive into an industry and check off professional to-do’s. These BDAs are currently accepting applications:DaVita Case Competition: Join this case competition for the chance to win $1000! Apply by April 8. learn more here.

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