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Carrie Hammer ’07 is the founder of the “Role Models Not Runway Models” campaign and was named to Forbes’ 30 under 30. Learn more in her Excellence in Action interview.

Professional Tip

Professional email etiquette is an essential practice for all college students. The impression you make over email can impact everything from your grade in a course to your job and graduate school prospects. Here are a few tips:

  • Always address the email to someone. Appropriate email openers include "Hello Professor Smith," or "Dear Ms. Hernandez," or "Hello Anusha." When in doubt, be formal and refer to someone by their last name.
  • Provide context for why you are emailing, especially if you've never met the recipient or they don’t know you well. Something like: "I am a senior at UCLA majoring in political science and am emailing to inquire about summer internship openings with your firm."
  • Always use complete sentences with proper punctuation and grammar.
  • Allow 48-72 hours for a response (even longer if you're emailing a graduate school, employer or large institution) before you email again to check in. Never simply re-send your email with no additional text as this clogs inboxes and is disrespectful. 
  • If you're frustrated or upset, don't send an email. Take a day to cool off then call or meet in person if possible.
  • Always close your email professionally. Use your full name if you aren't well acquainted with the person or if you're emailing a professor or TA in a large lecture class. Something like "Thanks for your time, Bryan Brown" or "Best, Katie Nguyen." Creating and saving a standard email signature with your name, major, graduation year and email address is also a great way to ensure every person you contact knows who you are. Use your email settings options to create a standard signature that automatically populates each email you send.

Upcoming Opportunities

  • Nov. 16: Corinne Crockett ’10 is a startup veteran and currently the head of marketing at Vow To Be Chic. In the next Bruin Career Insights she’ll talk about how to be nimble in the face of change and the importance of flexibility. 5 p.m. online, RSVP here.
  • Nov. 16: Pathways to Nursing – 4:30 p.m., Career Center Room 200. RSVP via BruinView.
  • Nov. 16: International Career Panel  – 6 p.m. RSVP here. Pizza will be served.
  • Nov. 16: Resume & Cover Letter Workshop - Join Teach For America, an organization who reviewed over 37,000 resumes last year, to hear about resume and cover letter best practices. 4-5 p.m. in Humanities 193. RSVP here.
  • Nov. 20: Women and Journalism – If you’re interested in journalism, marketing, advertising, government, communications or related careers, apply now for the Women in Leadership event here.
  • Dec. 4-6: IBM Cognitive Computing Odyssey in San Francisco is a professional development program for senior class standing technical, design, or business major undergraduates. Join students from across the country (travel & lodging fully covered) to explore the technologies, future, applications and jobs of artificial intelligence and gain preference for job openings at IBM. Application is rolling until slots are filled. More info and application here.
  • Feb. 1: Save the date! Feb. 1 is Nonprofit Networking Night. Register here.

Jobs and Internships

  • Research Assistant Opportunity with Friends Community Center: work on a randomized control trial to link and retain transgender women living with HIV into HIV care. Email resume to Vicky Beyrooty, Friends Research Institute, Inc. at
  • Social Media Internship with Career Contessa: brainstorm, research, and produce social media content and strategy for this online career development and mentorship platform for women. Apply on their website.
  • Paid Research Internship with Collected Inc.: conduct research to inform product design and development for this stealth startup platform that aims to eliminate the hassle associated with organizing, managing, accessing and controlling one’s critical personal information. Email resume to Alison Burnham at Details here.
  • Community Manager Intern with software company Verve. Apply on their website.
  • Hundreds of jobs and internships are available through the Career Center via BruinView.
  • New jobs and internships are also posted regularly on UCLA ONE.

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