The Diversity Digest

Things Look Different

Difference is something we are all becoming more familiar with in this current moment. Work days are different. Ways of connecting to each other are different. Holiday celebrations are different. Difference is currently part of our everyday life.

It is extremely important for us to have this “difference” right now, as it is the way we are all doing our part to address this pandemic. Difference is also important because it is what diversity is about. Difference has played a vital part in our personal journeys as Bruins from all walks of life — helping us learn more about ourselves, others and the world we are a part of. It has created challenges, like our current moment, but also opportunities. And that is something we want to lean into for this digest.

Try something this week that embraces difference. Meet an actress you don’t know about (read on to find out how). Send a thank you letter to a different type of hero, our Bruin healthcare workers. 

As always, feel free to forward this to a friend who could use something “different” today. Follow us on Instagram at @ucladiversealum. Most importantly, please let us know if there is a topic you are interested in by submitting ideas to Some of our future offerings this week will include:


Enter the sci-fi world of Black Mirror with UCLA Lambda Alumni Association during the network's Netflix Watch Party of the series’ San Junipero episode.

Do you miss Porto's bakery? This Beatriz “Betty” Porto-Magadan ’83 establishment figured out how you can enjoy their tasty pastries differently: by baking them yourself.

Show gratitude to the many Bruins that are healthcare workers by sending thank you letters via email to  Feel free to get creative with your messages!

A fantastic photo essay by one of our Mixin’ It Up hostesses, Pamela Peters '11, as she interviews Kimberly Norris Guerrero '89, a Native American actress you need to know about.

Follow any of our Diversity Networks on Instagram who have volunteered their time to help our class of 2024 make their college decisions. We are hoping it’s UCLA. You will see some familiar faces on IG Live!


As always, we thank you for your love and support — our diverse alumni community means the world to us.

Embracing difference,

Patricia Châu Nguyễn
Senior Director
Diversity Programs & Initiatives