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Taking Care

The stress of the pandemic, the state of political affairs and the pressure of working from home (or seeking work from home) has impacted all of us. In this week's digest we want to offer ways you can take care of yourself, your loved ones and your community. Whether it's examining the intersection of faith and mental health, supporting Indigenous poetry to benefit the Navajo Nation or building intersectional political power, Bruins take care in unique ways.

Multimedia documentarian and Indigenous Realism artist Pamela J. Peters '11 partners with The Autry museum to draw attention to the impact COVID-19 has had on the Navajo Nation by showcasing Indigenous poetry in Saad Nizhóní (Beautiful Words).

Join four UCLA Latino alumni in a panel discussion called "Launching Your Career in Uncertain Times." Be prepared for insightful commentary and perspectives from individuals who have previously navigated similar economic uncertainty.

The Faith & Mental Wellness Podcast, hosted by Brittney Moses, Exp. '22, engages listeners in conversations at the intersection of clinical and lived experience while integrating faith and mental health.

This Wednesday, UCLA Latino Politics and Policy Initiative hosts Together We Rise: Building Black and Brown Political Power, a conversation with national political leaders on the future of Black and Latino social movements, intersectional politics, a shared agenda for justice, and how the two communities are and must continue working together.

Read how Kristina Wong '00 formed the "Auntie Sewing Squad," a national network of volunteer mask makers that sew and send them to women's shelters, undocumented communities, farmworkers and Native American citizens among other at-risk communities.

Want a new way to celebrate Pride during the pandemic? Sign up to watch UCLA Lambda Alumni Association's Inside Pride Parade on Sunday, July 26. 

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