December 2019
Blue Spotlight
On this unforgettable, 13-day travel experience, you will follow in the footsteps of Easy Company, part of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division. Led by historians and curators from The National WWII Museum, this tour takes you from the hedgerows of Normandy, along “Hell’s Highway” in the Netherlands, through the foxholes surrounding Bastogne and up to the Eagle’s Nest – immersing you in the lives of Easy Company. Only a few spaces remain!
Gold Spotlight
From the vine-laden slopes of Côte de Beaune to the quaint French villages rooted in antiquity, this is a spring trip not to be missed. Join professor Sara Melzer, department of French & Francophone studies, as we explore the Rhône and Saône Rivers and learn about southern France’s rich history. Sail for seven nights aboard the first class MS Van Gogh, with plenty of opportunities to sample authentic cuisine and local flavors.
Director's Pick
Christel in Paradores & Pousadas
Paradores & Pousadas
Oct. 3 – 17

“The accommodations on this popular tour through Portugal and Spain are just as important as the cities visited. Staying in medieval monasteries, historic fortresses and palaces was an incredible experience. I highly recommend this trip, offered at a time when summer crowds are gone and the weather is still beautiful.”

— Christel
Traveler's Moment
Jen and Larry Lindgren
Traveler: Jennifer ’67 and Larry Lindgren
Number of Trips With UCLA Alumni Travel: 2
First Trip: Israel (2019)
Most Recent Trip: Coastal Iberia (2019)
Favorite Memory: “Our trip to the Holy Land, the cradle of civilization, was a life-changing experience. The archeological, historical, Biblical, cultural, political and religious aspects are almost too overwhelming to comprehend. We joined hordes of visitors daily from every corner and great religion of the world as we experienced sailing on the Sea of Galilee, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to follow the Stations of the Cross, the Wailing Wall, lunch with a Druze family, the water systems of the Masada, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Moses’ view of the Promised Land from Mt. Nebo. I cried with the woman at the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem who shared her story of escape from the Nazis as a young girl – a story similar to my family history. We laughed as we floated on the Dead Sea and giggled as we rode camels in Jordan’s Petra. The grand finale brought our religiously diverse travel group together with a chilling solo from a fellow traveler as he recounted his experience singing in the Temple as a young boy – a magnificent bonding moment. This is a trip you must make in your lifetime!”
2020 UCLA Alumni Travel Tour Line-up