Fall 2019
Total Solar Eclipse, Wild Alaska Escape, Central Asia Silk Road

We are very excited to announce three new trips scheduled in 2020. Want to enjoy an active trip to Alaska, experience the historic Silk Road, or have the opportunity to witness the next total solar eclipse in Argentina? We hope you find them as fascinating as we do!

The best way to experience Alaska is to do it on an active tour. Take long kayak outings exploring the quiet bays and coastlines with towering ancient trees. Hike rocky trails high into the mountains for incredible views, and venture deep into the forest along rugged trails and salmon streams to explore new ecosystems.

Or travel through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan on the ancient Silk Road connecting East and West. Encounter a mélange of culture, religion, art and architecture that conjures tales of trade and treasure, intrigue and empire.

Have you ever dreamed about experiencing a Total Solar Eclipse? Join us next December as we venture to San Martin de los Andes in Argentina’s Patagonian Lake District to experience this natural phenomenon. Professor Jean-Luc Margot, Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences will enrich the experience with educational lectures on site.

Start planning your 2020 getaway now! All of our 70 upcoming tours can be found at travel.alumni.ucla.edu/tours.

Regards from Westwood,

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Director, Alumni Travel 
Wild Alaska Escape
Alaska is a must-see for anyone who loves wild nature. Enjoy this tour on the 31-cabin National Geographic Sea Bird and discover the wilderness in a way you otherwise couldn’t. A nimble, shallow draft expedition ship allows you to venture into secluded areas larger vessels simply cannot reach.
Along Central Asia's Silk Road
Experience the diversity in cultures on this new tour to Central Asia. Traveling the ancient Silk Road connecting the East and West, this small group journey is limited to only 24 travelers.
Total Solar Eclipse
In the company of Professor Jean-Luc Margot, witness this rare cosmic event — a total solar eclipse. Journey to Argentina’s Patagonian Lake District, known for its sapphire lakes, lush forests and sensational views of the snow-capped Andes, to be in the path of totality on Dec. 14.
Find yourself with a little extra time on your hands and nowhere to go? Space is still available on these tours. Check them out!
Prof. Arch Getty
Arch Getty's specialty is the history of the Soviet Communist Party and the Stalin period. He has published six books and more than fifty articles, and was the first to use Soviet secret police archives to publish exact data on the number of Stalin's victims. Each year, Professor Getty works in the political archives of the former Soviet Communist Party in Russia. He has been a Guggenheim Fellow, visiting scholar at the Sorbonne in Paris and visiting professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Getty is the founder and director of Praxis International, which facilitates research travel to and archival access in Russia. He has worked and lived in Russia for more than 30 years. Join Professor Getty on our Waterways of Russia tour, July 18-29, 2020.
Travelers strike a pose in Vicuña, Chile
Travelers strike a pose in Vicuña, Chile.

Total Solar Eclipse Chile, June 25 – July 6, with Professor Jean-Luc Margot, Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences.
2020 Alumni Travel Tour Line-Up
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