Five Useful Tips We Learned from Bruin Career Insights

Bruin Career Insights


Katya Daniel ’08

From Bruin Career Insights: Inside the Hiring Process
“In your résumé, it is important to use action words. Really give it scope. Use numbers whenever possible. Those things are really important because people don’t know the scope of the position.”
Katya Daniel ’08, Director of Systemwide Executive Recruitment and Search for the University of California


Dave Crawford ’95

Bruin Career Insights: From a Disney Imagineer
An expert is someone who does something that no one else can do and that can come at any age or experience level. If they can bring a unique perspective, I would consider that person an expert.”
Dave Crawford ’95, Executive Lead for the Ride Mechanical Engineering Department at Walt Disney Imagineering


Tiffany Chin ’10

From Bruin Career Insights: Maximizing Your UCLA Network
My go-to when I don’t know what to talk about is the acronym F.O.R.D. which stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams. Pick one of those categories to discuss and that opens up a conversation that can last at least 15 minutes. It becomes more natural when you can speak as yourself.”
Tiffany Chin ’10, Real Estate Entrepreneur


Devon Dickau '07, MBA ’15

From Bruin Career Insights: Bringing Your Full Self to Your Career
I realize now that there is so much to learn from a failure, even a small mistake. And that reflection is more important than the solution at the end of the day.”
Devon Dickau '07, MBA ’15, Manager in Deloitte's Human Capital Consulting Practice and Chief of Staff for the Diversity & Inclusion Client Service Center of Excellence


Corey Matthews ’10, M.Ed. ’11

From Bruin Career Insights: First Gen to Next Leader
Be comfortable with using your voice. Know that your experiences are your truth and it matters. It has to matter for diversity to work. Your responsibility is to be a voice for those who would never have access to the same tables you have access to.”
Corey Matthews ’10, M.Ed. ’11, Vice President of LeadersUp, a National Talent Development Accelerator


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