Note to My Future Bruin Self




Incoming freshmen write note to their future self

Each summer, thousands of incoming freshmen pass through the Alumni Association to learn about how to make the most of their student experience at UCLA. During their Orientation tour stop, they write letters to themselves, which they will receive back on the day of their graduation from UCLA. In it, they answer the question: What impact do I want to make on the Bruin family?


“Coming to UCLA is so surreal! I cannot believe that I am entering the next phase in my life. Time to be 3,961 miles away from home. I was nervous at first being so far away from home and learning to live independently. I hope to succeed in my classes and realize my dream of getting into a prestigious medical school. I am excited to meet new people and enroll in clubs that make an everlasting impact on the world. #Bruin4Life”


“I want to be an environmental engineer and inspire many other students after me, especially Hispanic women in the engineering field.”


“I’m sitting here unsure of the future writing to a version of me I’m still struggling to picture and strive for. Whatever happens, remember where it all started - a random awkward weekend of orientation with some friends and a whole lot of opportunity.”


“I’m ready to rep UCLA the rest of my life and bag USC all day.”


“Being an undocumented student at such a prestigious school is a dream come true. I want to be one of many who put a dent in the history of UCLA.”


“I want to make the Bruins family laugh and smile AT LEAST 10% more than they already do.”


“I just want to beat the odds as a first-gen college student coming from an under-resourced community and fulfill my 4 years.”


“I want to work in developing and elevating the Filipino community, both in the United States and abroad. I want to set a good example for future generations and show that our career choices are not limited to nursing, elderly caretaking or as nannies.”


“I will fight for my education so I can fight for those without a voice.”


“At this point, I really have no idea what to do with my life; I’m just excited to start. I’m hungry for direction, but I know God has a plan through the confusion.”


“Go out and show the world who I was meant to be!”


“I want to show the UCLA community the importance of human dignity and inclusiveness. Living/going in an area with a high population of homeless people + food-insecure people requires us/gives us the responsibility to provide our neighbors with love and support. This doesn’t only apply to those outside of the UCLA campus, but in it as well. We need to treat everyone with respect, love and compassion.”


“The impact I am going to leave will be gigantic. I will make every Bruin feel welcomed and comforted.”


“I want to help bring home an NCAA track and field title to the Bruin family.”


“I want to use my time at UCLA to network with people in the healthcare field and use those experiences to serve people in underserved communities who have limited access to healthcare.”


“Learn science, research science, teach science!”


“I want to teach at least one other Bruin that struggling is normal and expected. I want them to know that if they reach out for help, it doesn’t mean that they’ve failed; it means that they’re taking steps towards success. It took me way too long to learn this for myself.”


“I want to be kind and respectful to my fellow students and faculty, as they have shown nothing but kindness and respect to me.”


“I will inspire other young African American women to defy the odds and apply to institutions they were told they could never get into. My success, perseverance and triumph aren’t only my own, but for every female person of color who came before me and was inspired to follow after me.”


“I really want to pass my classes!”