Homes line the Almafi Coast and a view of the Trans-Siberian Railway
The Charm of the Amalfi Coast
May 29 - June 6

From your base in idyllic Sorrento, travel a fabled, serpentine ribbon of road and discover breathtaking villages along the Amalfi Coast. Visit Italy’s most vertical cliffside town, taste the delectable cuisine of the Campania region and walk in the footsteps of history at fascinating ancient ruins, including Pompeii and Paestum.
Trans-Siberian Railway
July 7-20

Traverse two continents by the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. This epic adventure journeys through the Mongolian steppes, along the remote shores of Lake Baikal and deep into Russia. Traveling by rail through the diverse eastern Siberian countryside is slow and rewarding, accented by a cultural cornucopia both on and off the train.
Director's Pick
Christel at the beaches of Normandy

D-Day: The Invasion of Normandy and the Liberation of France
“We are pleased to offer an in-depth trip for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day next year. Led by local battlefield guides who are experts in the field, this tour offers an exclusive experience that incorporates pieces from The National WWII Museum’s oral history and artifact collections into presentations that truly bring history to life. I visited Normandy and the D-Day beaches last year, and it was a very emotional experience commemorating and honoring those who fought for our freedom.”

Traveler's Moment
Wayne ’71 & Shizuko Adachi in Iceland
Traveler: Wayne ’71 & Shizuko Adachi
Number of Trips with UCLA Alumni Travel: 2
First Trip: Eastern & Oriental Express (2014)
Most Recent Trip: Circumnavigation of Iceland (2018)
Favorite Memory: “Our recent trip, the Circumnavigation of Iceland, was extremely special—cruising around this island nation, seeing fjords, ice fields, waterfalls and other hot spots with the boiling mud pots. Meeting and traveling with other UCLA alumni was very rewarding and we reminisced about our memorable times at UCLA. We also learned about the history and people of Iceland from presentations by guest lectures aboard the ship. This adventure to see the Land of Fire and Ice will always be at the top of our list of places to visit.”
2019 UCLA Alumni Travel Tour Line-up