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Polar bears, Kayaking in Alaska, Beluga whales and a group of travelers in Alaska
Over the last decade we have seen an increased interest in natural history travel. More and more of our travelers wish to get away from it all and spend time in the company of fascinating wildlife and stunning scenery.

Close to a hundred Bruins, family and friends have traveled with us to Alaska on the intimate 66-passenger Admiralty Dream. Imagine yourself viewing whales and bears in an abundance, and kayak and hike as the small ship easily navigates the islands of the Inland Passage.

On our brand new summer trip to Churchill, Manitoba, experience the sight of 60,000 beluga whales feeding, mating and giving birth in the shallow waters.

Or consider a visit to the extraordinary Svalbard archipelago in the High Arctic to discover walruses, whales and several species of rare Arctic seabirds. And let’s not forget about the King of the Arctic… the polar bear.

You may need to pack a jacket... but rest assured the experience on any of these trips will more than compensate for the cooler temperatures. Check them out below!

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Christel Aragon
Director, Alumni Travel
A walrus in the Arctic
Sail the shores of secluded Spitsbergen, the jewel of Norway’s rarely visited Svalbard archipelago, aboard the deluxe MS L'Austral. See glaciers crease and calve in luminous blues, and look for the enigmatic polar bear, who reigns as king. Enjoy Zodiac excursions led by a team of expert naturalists in diverse, serene terrains, where remarkable wildlife—including whales, walruses, seals, Svalbard reindeer, Arctic foxes, northern fulmars and Arctic terns—roam freely.
Snow covered mountains in Alaska
Discover Southeast Alaska
July 5 - 12

Spend eight days navigating the waterways of the Inside Passage aboard the intimate 66-passenger Admiralty Dream and witness wildlife up close from its kayaks and skiffs. With skilled expedition leaders by your side, encounter its abundant wildlife, magnificent peaks and fjords, and ice-blue glaciers of unfathomable proportions—while learning about the traditions of Alaska’s ancient cultures.
Huskies mush in Churchill
Polar Bears & Beluga Whales
July 28 - Aug. 3

During summer, visitors to Churchill, Manitoba will have the opportunity to spot polar bears along the local shores—swimming and walking around the rocks and wildflowers—before they return to the pack ice when it forms in early winter. Summertime is also when the bears share the area with more than 60,000 beluga whales who come to feed, mate and give birth in the shallow waters, along with a wide variety of other wildlife.
Buildings in Cuba
A tree underneath the Arctic sun
Mountains in New Zealand
Arch Getty's specialty is the history of the Soviet Communist Party and the Stalin period. He has published six books and more than fifty articles, and was the first to use Soviet secret police archives to publish exact data on the number of Stalin's victims. Each year, Getty works in the political archives of the former Soviet Communist Party in Russia. His research has been supported by the American Council of Learned Societies, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Fulbright Foundation, the International Research and Exchanges Board and the University of California Humanities Research Institute. Getty is the founder and director of Praxis International, which facilitates research travel to and archival access in Russia. He has worked and lived in Russia for more than 30 years. Join Professor Getty on our Baltic & Scandinavian Bliss cruise, Aug. 13 - 24.
Travelers enjoy the beautiful Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg in the company of travel lecturer Jared McBride, Department of History. Imperial Splendors of Russia, July 18-27, 2018.
Travelers enjoy the beautiful Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg in the company of travel lecturer Jared McBride, Department of History. Imperial Splendors of Russia, July 18-27, 2018.
An empty dock leads to a sunset lake