Will you invite two UCLA students to Thanksgiving dinner?

Every Thanksgiving UCLA’s bustling campus becomes quiet as students head home for the long weekend. While most will experience a holiday filled with family, friends and so much good food our international students and residents will be left behind to make the best of the time on their own. The break is too short for them to go home, so they stay in the dorms but lack dining hall services. 

Can you make room for two more around your Thanksgiving table? International students are eager for first-hand experiences and by sharing this original American custom you will be showing a powerful kindness and the spirit of the holiday. Traditional or non-traditional, Thanksgiving as celebrated in your home will create lasting memories for students and role model the generosity of Bruins helping Bruins.

Helpful Information
* This is a one-day event; host families do not provide overnight accommodations for students.
* Students may be from any nation and include graduate level students in residency programs.
* Dinners must be located within 5 miles of campus as students may depend upon rideshare services for transportation.
* Students travel in pairs to ensure the comfort of students and hosts.
Host Students
Volunteer to host by Friday, Nov. 2 so that we will know how many students we can place. You will be notified of your match via email by the end of the day Friday, Nov. 17.
Brought to you by UCLA Alumni and the Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars.